American Association of Blacks in Energy

Our mission: To provide direct input into the deliberations and developments of energy policies, regulations, emerging technologies, and environmental issues.

July Rewind

AABE Webinar Series July 21st, 2021: The Future of Climate Change

June Rewind

AABE Webinar Series June 23rd, 2021: The Future of Transportation

April Rewind 

AABE  Webinar Series April 28th, 2021: The Future of Natural Gas

AABE Contact

Tracey Woods, Vice President of Operations,     

Connect with Tracey: LinkedIn 

February Rewind 

AABE  Webinar Series: Transportation Policy, Climate Change, and Equity- The Future of Transportation

Meet the team

Introduction: Tracy Woods, Vice President of Operations, AABE    Connect with Tracy: LinkedIn

Moderator: Diedre Sanders - Chairperson, AABE Southern California Chapter, Legislative and Regulatory Committee  Connect with Chairperson Sanders: Email


  • Dr. Regan Patterson, Transportation Equity Research Fellow, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation  Connect with Dr. Patterson: LinkedIn
  • Allison Cunningham, Director, Federal Government Affairs, NGV America  Connect with Allison LinkedIn
  • Kellen Schefter - Director, Electric Transportation Edison Electric Institute Connect with Kellen LinkedIn

January Rewind 

AABE  Webinar Series: Energy Policy And The 117th Congress

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