#hottakeoftheday – David Ramsden Wood, or to his friends, “DRW”

David Ramsden Wood - DRW - Energy News Beat

DRW is an Author, Podcast Legend, and unabashed. What you see is what you get, and what you hear may make you cringe. That being said we love hearing all sides of the Energy markets. The book, and podcasts, are worth your time. 

If your not familiar with DRW, check out the Best of 2020 as a 2 part binge worthy podcast. 

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In part 2 of the best of, we look back on the first year and almost 100 episodes of the podcast, I can't believe how much we have covered. We've had nearly 200,000 downloads, supported by 1,000,000 views on the website and had some truly remarkable and amazing quests. In this episode - we start with the Federal Reserve, talk actual reserves, executive leadership, the role of midstream in a changing world and close with everything you wanted to know about Saudi Arabia with the author of 'Saudi, Inc". 

In part 1, looking back at 2020 we cover Coronavirus, gender and climate issues, capital raising, industry advocacy and the state of energy and oil and gas careers.