Industry Insights

Industry leadership is more than just saying your an expert - surround yourself with key talent. 

Hosted by Michael Tanner & Stu Turley

We cover the energy stories around the world, one story at the time.

The Energy News Beat Podcast

The funniest duo covering the energy market. (At least in their minds.)

Hosted by Paula Glover

Conversations with African American energy thought leaders and others.

Thoughtful discussions round life's triumphs, tumbles, and lessons learned. The life lessons are impactful, and worth every moment. 

Always Bet on Black - Sandstone

The American Association of Blacks in Energy

Video Rewind

David Ramsden Wood - DRW - Energy News Beat


DRW is an Author, Podcast Legend, and  unabashed. What you see is what you get, and what you hear may make you may cringe. That being said we love hearing all sides of the Energy markets. 

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